Saturday, 28 April 2012

Who would be the audience for you media product and how did you attract your audience?

The audience for my media product would be the age gap 15-30 which is a wide range and can capture many different types of people, so it would probably also be narrowed down into people that enjoy to watch scary films such as psychological thrillers. People that like to have a film that you can think about what you’re watching and why rather than just watching a film for pleasure; people that enjoy to think about the ‘who dunnit’ element as well as watching an enjoyable film. The way that I will achieve this audience is by using the conventions that have been displayed in previous similar types of films, the types of ways that institutions get their audiences interested, the way they play with your imagination and think up different scenarios and try and get you to figure out which one is the reality and how they portray the protagonist and antagonist, and how in this case is the same person which would leave an interesting twist to go away and think about.

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