Saturday, 28 April 2012

Audience Feedback

After showing an audience my film opening I asked them feedback on how I thought they found the film, what type of film they thought it was, whether they would watch the whole and why. I was very happy to get such a positive response from them and they all came to the conclusion that it was a psychological thriller and they found the opening very intriguing and wanted to watch more to see how the rest of the film would pan out and how it created a lot of suspense and tension and made you want to watch more, really hooked you in. They said that they did want to watch the rest of the film because it seemed very suspicious and intriguing to find out what would happen next and find out the mystery element behind it.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the final product?

Looking back on my preliminary task, I feel that I have learnt in the progression different ways in which I can film things, for example, the different shots I can use to make things look more effective and interesting, from watching clips of film openings and generally keeping my eyes open when watching normal television I have picked up a range of different types of camera shots that came in very handy when it came to the main task. I feel that I have learnt about conventions in the film industry more and how institutions make their films successful by making them stand out, however at the same time making it somewhat similar so that it wouldn’t be too out of the box for audiences to watch. I also learnt and understood using different technologies and how they work and make things better which I found very interesting.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing your product?

From the technologies that I have used to create, develop and edit my media film product I learnt how to work a camera and their equipment such as the tripod and audio helps and also how to edit and film in Final Cut Pro. I found this very beneficial and enjoyed the experience of being able to play around with the equipment I had and trying to see what kind of things I could make work and look good, for examples, putting in screen play titles, different transitions and seeing what clips could merge together effectively to come together to create a good film. 

Who would be the audience for you media product and how did you attract your audience?

The audience for my media product would be the age gap 15-30 which is a wide range and can capture many different types of people, so it would probably also be narrowed down into people that enjoy to watch scary films such as psychological thrillers. People that like to have a film that you can think about what you’re watching and why rather than just watching a film for pleasure; people that enjoy to think about the ‘who dunnit’ element as well as watching an enjoyable film. The way that I will achieve this audience is by using the conventions that have been displayed in previous similar types of films, the types of ways that institutions get their audiences interested, the way they play with your imagination and think up different scenarios and try and get you to figure out which one is the reality and how they portray the protagonist and antagonist, and how in this case is the same person which would leave an interesting twist to go away and think about.

How does your media product represent particular social groups? What kind of media institution my distribute your media product and why?

My media product represents particular social groups such as people that interested in psychological thrillers because it uses the same type of conventions that a typical thriller does and so therefore I feel that people would be interested in watching this type of film.

I think that this product will be distributed on a British Film Channel and cover a wide range of audience ranging from different ages, and be shown after the water shed of nine o’clock. However I don’t think that this product will reach as high as America as the content and conventions are similar to that of other psychological thrillers and nothing new has been shown.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms of conventions or real media productions?

During the planning and research part of the process, I looked at different deconstructions with the same genre as my own to take note of the types of conventions that were used in the films that I could then incorporate into my opening. For example we looked at ‘Silence of the Lambs’ when discussing the screen play titles and how they were written to show the type of film it was going to be. Although we didn’t end up using the similar type of titles with the backward writing and such we did take the way that it was shown into consideration and it helped us to see what would look good on ours. We also looked at the different types of camera angles that are used in thriller films and after watching a few that ‘point of view shots’ were interesting ones to use to capture the audiences’ attention and make them wonder what was going on. However when it came to the audio sound of the film, we tried something a little bit different, something that hadn’t been done as many times, we decided to use instead of an eerie piece of music over the top of the film to create suspense and tension that we would use heavy breathing to show the audience of the nervousness of the character and get their minds thinking why it is we want to portray the character this way.

Two Minute Opening Clip