Sunday, 8 January 2012

Film Deconstruction: Misery

For my second deconstruction, I decided to do another old film, again to see the different ways things were begun in different types of thrillers. Again, I hadn't watched this film.

Directed by Rob Reiner. It won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Annie Wilkes.

In the first few seconds the screen is black, apart from the reddish orange titles, then the screen goes back to just black and it is silent for a second or two and then the sound of a typewriter comes in, for three seconds before the image of the typewriter appears, this is successful use of a bridge. The hands that are typing are out of focus of the camera and the object of a match and cigarette infront are in focus. Then suddenly it's a jump cut when the 'ting' of the typewriter reaching the end of the page is used well as the camera shot is a long shot of a wine glass, empty. Still with the blurry character in the background, typing. This on screen for a couple of seconds and then changes to a wine bottle in an ice bucket, mid shot, doesn't show the top of the wine bottle. The camera then jumps to the typewriter itself and you read the sentence that reads 'without it, what else was there. ?' The character, revealed to be a man then takes the sheet of paper away and looks at it reading. He then hears a beep, ignores it the first time, and then the second time, puts the paper of the table and writes in pencil 'The End'. He puts the piece of paper on the stack of paper and aligns them up turns them over to the front to read 'Untitled' by 'Paul Sheldon'. The shot then moves on to a brown bag in which he slips the story in  and then pops the cork off the champagne, pours a glass and picks up his cigarette, looks at it and then puts it in his mouth, picks the match up and lights the cigarette, and takes a long drag.

In this opening it definitely leaves you thinking about what could happen next.

I used the YouTube Clip of Misery (1990) Stephen King (Part 1)

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