Sunday, 8 January 2012


For our psychological thriller, we decided to only have one character in the first opening, as it was only relevant to have one character, and we also didn’t want to show too much content and expand on our story too much on the first two minutes. So therefore we just wanted this one woman, who would have been the main character, and slightly develop her, so people would know what to expect from the rest of the film and if it would be something they’d like to watch.

The woman would be young, having just lost her baby, very disorientated, not know what was going on, from the mourning of her lost child, we also decided that she would have ocd, and somehow incorporate this in an interesting way in the film. She suffers depression from her loss and this overwhelms everything, the way she looks at everything.

I opted to be the actress to play this character as we all thought I was best suited for the character, based on my size, and the young, innocent, vulnerable and naive look.

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