Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Preliminary Task.

Hazel Barnard and Jessi Kullar also make up our MI5 group, we have decided to create our task in an action/comedy way. Within this idea we also came up with a CSI or Charlie's Angels theme before coming up with our MI5 decision. The basic structure is that I am a well trained agent and the other two clumsy and hopeless; we are on a mission to find a missing agent.

We thought the MI5 option would the best as it could give us more experience and experimentaion for the main task. We have agents T (me), B (Hazel) and K (Jessi) and we are looking for agent P. The establishing shot is Agent T performing a somersault, after this the other two agents come and are pratically tripping over their own feet. We show many different shots during the short film including the compulsory 180 degree angle, shot reverse shot and match on action; we are also asked to provide a short dialogue section in which agent T converses with agent B and K after coming through a door and walking to other side of the room. After this converstaion agent P is found.

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